We can restore your books, cassette tapes, cds, dvds, photographs, and more!

Documents, books, and other important materials that have been damage by a flood or other watery disaster can be recovered! However, to ensure their recovery you’ll need to take some immediate steps.

We Dry Docs is the undisputed leader in the recovery of water and smoke damaged maps, papers, books, documents, and other archives.

While every document recovery situation differs greatly it is a safe bet that you should refrain from moving the wet documents unless you know how to do so properly. Moving and trying to treat wet and damage articles can lead to disintegration. Knowing the proper steps to handle a situation like this is crucial in recovering all of the articles successfully.
We use Thermaline to prevent warping and distortion as we remove the water content from your documents. Thermaline is a freeze-drying process that utilizes a vacuum in order to restrain books. This process keeps books in their natural shape, meaning that the covers will not warped. This means that you will be able to put your books back onto their shelves with no additional restoration.

The Thermaline process is so valuable because it means that almost no rebinding is required. The books are restored to their original shape. This process is highly controlled and results in there being a 90% reduction in need for the books to be rebound.

If you want to learn more about our Thermaline vacuum freeze drying process for water damaged books and documents then feel free to check out our comprehensive slideshow.